"Life Supports Life in Joy"

At Life for Life Hostel our intention is to support you in the rest, fun and deep relaxation that we believe human beings need in order to connect deeply with themselves and nature, and to live in community with the plants and animals that we co-live with here on Earth. Our space, in this extraordinary environment, is in an uncommon and remarkable location created with the intention to support you in exploring your own self and the Osa Peninsula in all of its glory. 


If you are single, a couple, family or group looking to adventure and play in the abundance of life, and/or on the lookout for a budget-friendly, self-created yoga or meditation retreat - this is a special energy and environment to do just that. We look forward to meeting you and living this beautiful life in your company while you are here!


People not in a group,
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Life for Life Hostel

Drake Bay Home of Sea Turtle Marine Conservation Project

Osa Peninsula near San Josecito Beach

  • Botanical Garden

  • Fruit trees including Mango, Coconut, Noni, Water Apples and many others

  • Walking paths through the grounds

  • Communal, outdoor, covered deck eating area

  • Wide open play space with hammocks and a swing, shaded by giant mango trees

  • We are a 10 minute walk along jungle-beach trail to snorkling in the crystal clear waters and coral reefs of San Josecito Beach

The Property
  • We are a 2-hr walk to the entrance of San Pedrillo National Park - you cannot enter without a tour guide, which you must arrange ahead of time

  • Wake up to the sounds of the jungle every morning

  • Stunning Sunsets every night 

  • Bonfires on the beach

  • Crystal clear, thick starry skies

Accommodation Details & Prices

Cabins, rooms and tent cabins are set up in hostel-style shared accommodations with bunk beds and one queen bed in every room.  All cabins accommodate those who are solo and want privacy, families, and groups, as well as those hosteling it:

  • Private Room: $60 per night, per person, includes 3 meals daily, a little tour in the river (Rio Claro)

  • Shared Accommodations: $50 per night, per person includes 3 meals daily.

  • If you would like a female-only shared dorm or male-only shared dorm - please let us know.

  • Confortables hammocks for $5 per night 

  • All come with towels, linens, and personal private lockers.

  • Some have private bathrooms, others share a communal bathroom.

  • Our rooms are simple accommodations for beautiful simple living ~ and that's how we like it!

In all rooms, whether a tent cabin or not, you will fall asleep to the smell of ylang-ylang flowers that share their scent at night, the glorious waves, the cicada choir... and you will wake up to the orchestra of an alive and active morning jungle!


We are so wonderfully remote that there are not many restaurants in the area, so we prepare 3 delicious, typical Costa Rican meals a day for you - and the price of the rooms includes these.

  • Please let us know in advance if you are vegetarian, vegan or have any other dietary needs

  • We also include coffee, tea and water available all day

  • Soda drinks, beer and wine are not included, but are available for purchase


  • In our booking process we ask for at least 50% deposit up front and the rest upon arrival...* 

  • We accept credit and debit cards at our location, as well as cash  

  • In July 2019 the Costa Rican Government instituted a 13% VAT tax on all goods and services.  This will be added to the cost of the room.  If you pay by Paypal or Credit Card, there will be an additional 4% for service charges


  • *Please note, there aren't any banks or ATM's in the town of Drake Bay.  Please make sure to bring enough money in cash while traveling in this area and staying with us.  There are times when the credit/debit card machines are not available in the area  - then cash is needed.  You will also need cash to pay for boat transportation around Drake Bay


  • Children 0-2 are Free ~ if they don't need a bed, don't include them in the booking - But Please Let Us Know

  • Children 3-5 are 50% off the adult price, and will be factored into the booking process




People not in a group, please book with us through: 


- Look us up under -

"Life for Life Hostel

Drake Bay Home of Sea Turtle Marine Conservation Project

Osa Peninsula near San Josecito Beach"