2 Hr. River & Waterfall


Guided tour in canoe or kayak adventuring on this beautiful river.

$25 USD/person + 13% VAT


4 Hr. River & Waterfall Tour

Guided tour in canoe or kayak adventuring on this beautiful river.

$40 USD/person + 13% VAT


Night Hike

Guided hike starting around sunset to observe wildlife and scenic views.

$20 USD/per person + 13% VAT


If you're interested in going on any of the these Rio Claro Tours while passing through the area,

or staying with us - please contact us by sending an email to: rioclaroaventuras@gmail.com,

or call us via WhatsApp  +506-8450-7198

We'll get back to you shortly!

If you are a guest at Life for Life Hostel, you receive a discount for the River and Waterfall Tour.

Rio Claro Aventuras Eco-Tours
- Guided river and waterfall tours on the Rio Claro Wildlife Refuge -


Join us on the Rio Claro Nature Preserve. Protected by the government of Costa Rica for many decades, twenty years ago it was declared to be the - Punta Rio Claro National Wildlife Refuge - to protect the beach, the rainforest and the many endangered species of land and sea animals in this area. An extraordinarily special place to experience the secluded, pristine and practically untouched Osa Peninsula at its best; it is the site of the Life for Life Sea Turtle Conservation Project and home to our tours that fund the project ~

Rio Claro Aventuras Eco-Tours!


"... To be able to solve some of the expenses of this project we started to develop natural crafts... and now Tours in the waterfalls of Rio Claro. These tours both bring people into remembering the purity of life and supporting the sea turtle conservation project. It is totally ecological that can be done in canoe or kayak and perform various activities such as jumping, climbing, swimming, floating, caves, natural spa, natural clay mask and many other things." ~ Ricardo

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