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"This new hostel and turtle-conversation project is beachfront, jungle-shrouded and beloved by travelers for the relaxed atmosphere, home-cooked meals and proximity to local wildlife. The activity of choice is relaxing in a hammock as exotic birds and monkeys stop by, though hanging at the beach, hiking and visiting waterfalls are also popular. Dorms are basic but adequate, and there's no wi-fi whatsoever, which is pretty fantastic. Turtle-project volunteers are accepted to excavate nests, rebury eggs, input data, patrol the beach, do hatchery maintenance and participate in turtle releases."


"In Love...

I tell you that my experience was excellent, it is an encounter with nature that I will never forget. I recommend them 100%, it's a wonderful place. The amount of diversity of flora and fauna simply left us impacted. I cannot tell you, you have to live it!"


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"Unforgettable, Authentic Experience In Paradise...

I can't recommend Life for Life (and the people who make it such an incredible place!) enough. If you're looking for a really authentic experience in Costa Rica, away from the tourism, filled with nature and wildlife, this is the place to go. Ricardo, Mar and the whole team treated us as their own. We were welcomed with open arms; given tours of the property, searching for tropical fruits, pointing out neighbors (toucans, macaws, monkeys, you name it), advising on activities to do, brushing up our Spanish... The food was fantastic, authentic, and fresh. The service and attentiveness was incredible: we once made an off-hand comment about an avocado tree and like magic, our next meal was filled with fresh avocado.

They will go out of their way to make you feel at home. The accommodations are basic, but you'll spend little to no time in your room.


Spend your afternoons exploring the coast, looking out for sea turtles, lying in a hammock listening to the ocean (and the loud macaws!), sitting on the covered deck during a rainstorm.. the list is endless. For more adventurous local activities, spend the day at Corcovado, floating down Rio Claro, climbing waterfalls, or snorkeling on the islands. There's no shortage of amazing wildlife and nature in these parts.


When you stay at Life for Life, you can't help but feel confident that you're staying with wonderful people and investing in wonderful work. The whole family is dedicated to rescuing sea turtles (and you can help!); they've spent years working at all hours of day and night to protect these endangered species from predators and poachers. Your stay ensures they can continue such amazing work.


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"Immersed In Nature...

Absolutely loved staying at Life for Life Hostel. Such kind people who were so welcoming to us. The property is one of those few places in the world where you can totally disconnect and just see nature at its finest. It is located on a stunning beach, the gardens surrounding the dorms and tents are incredible with fruits growing everywhere, and awesome wildlife. Loved the cooking. We took a day pack from Drake Bay to stay 1 night and stayed 5. Would go again in a heartbeat. Thank you to the family and team for the stay. It was inspiring.


Traveled in a couple

"Simply the best place in San Josecito...


You can see all kinds of animals! The people who work there are charming, special, unique! The food, delicious. The beach is a little piece of heaven on earth. The tour they offer on the Rio Claro is the best and innovative! Don Ricardo the owner has the purpose of saving the turtles that are in danger of extinction, let's help these beautiful people! Super, super recommended. "


Traveled Solo

"Baby Turtles!

I stumbled across this place while hiking from Drake Bay to Josecito beach. Drake Bay is where the more adventurous tourists go to visit Corcovado national park - a large reserve with limited access. I did the day tour in Corcovado. It was expensive, highly trafficked and a bit of a tourist trap. I saw more wildlife hanging out at Ricardo’s (i.e. Life for Life hostel). Ricardo lives in a beach shack on the edge of Rio Claro (a river near Drake). He offers river tours (Rio Claro tours - very fun!) to earn a living and spends all his free time and money on Sea Turtle rescue on the surrounding beaches. He does this without government support. He’s just a lovely human. He opened Life for Life Hostel nearby (30 min trek along the gorgeous empty beaches) to recruit more turtle volunteers because he’s getting older and needs help.


We rescued 330 Olive Ridley turtle eggs during that time. It was amazing. I also took a few beach walks (the place is unbelievably beautiful) and saw more wildlife than I had at the national park - but for free and by myself (no noisy tourists ruining my photos). I saw 4 kinds of monkeys, agoutis, coatis, toucans, macaws, and even humpbacks from the beach. All of my meals were included and they were delicious. I’m vegan and Ricardo accommodated my diet. I didn’t stay at the hostel property but I visited twice to do laundry, wander the beach, drink coconut water and chill out in utter privacy. If you like nature, hiking, seeing wild animals, saving Sea Turtles, and having an authentic local experience, this is the place to be. I’ll be back again soon. Thank you, Ricardo, for allowing me to share your piece of paradise for a week. It was an amazing experience."


Traveled Solo

"Extraordinary Stay In Paradise... 


We arrived by boat taxi and waded up onto the shore welcomed by the waving arms of Mar, our host followed by fresh coconuts to drink. Mar and Ricardo were excellent hosts, the food was great and prepared to our liking. There was no cell service or wifi - which was a dream. On day one we saw spider and capuchin monkeys in the trees and on the ground, coati, toucans, macaws, and all sorts of birds. The hostel is just feet from the ocean and we fell asleep to crashing waves. We were able to release baby sea turtles on the day we arrived as well. The turtle nursery is a short trek from the hostel- a beautiful walk through the jungle along the beach. We saw more wildlife here on the first day than we did on any other place we visited in CR. There were no roads, no engines, no noise pollution, just natural beauty - verdant and lush. The cabins were minimal but adequate and comfortable - a camp-like atmosphere. The food was simple and fresh.  I have been reluctant to review only because I don't want the secret to get out about how fantastic this place is. I would go back in a heartbeat!


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"Perfect To Disconnect...


Three friends and I went to this hostel for 4 days, the experience was perfect. The food was delicious, complete and varied. We did the kayak + floating trip on the Rio Claro River with Ricardo's agency, our guide was very friendly and the experience was one of the best I've experienced in Costa Rica. The place is perfect to disconnect at all and live surrounded by nature."


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