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The journey to getting to us is a beautiful travel adventure and a tour of Costa Rica all in itself.

There are a few different route options, all of which land you a 15-20 min walk from the Hostel, so once you know your route please let us know the details of your travel plans and arrival time so we can be there to welcome you, guide you, and support you with your luggage.

Let us know your Arrival Plans

We currently do not have internet or easily accessible cell service (it is available at other beaches nearby), so in planning your trip in advance it is very important that you please be in contact with Keidy Tatiana +506 8450 7198, or via WhatsApp, or [email protected] at our mainland office, and she will relay your travel plans and arrival times to us. This way we can stay aware of supporting you with any needs that may arise en route, and most importantly - we will be waiting for you when you arrive to help you with your things and guide you to the Hostel.

Cell Phones in Costa Rica

If you do not make arrangements with your current provider to have service in Costa Rica:

  •   We recommend getting a prepaid Costa Rican SIM card.
  •   The Kolbi ICE company works the best in the Drake Bay area.
  •   The easiest place to get one is in the baggage terminal at the airport before you walk out of the building. It is not possible to find them anywhere else in the airport after this.
  •   If you do not buy it in the baggage terminal, your next option is to buy one somewhere in town. Most grocery stores and mini marts will recharge your SIM card but not all will sell the SIM card itself. It is very helpful to have this though, when traveling the area.
  •   Please note: In Costa Rica WhatsApp is the main cell phone communication method, so consider downloading it ahead of time if you do not already have it!
  • Once at Life For Life, there are a few slivers of beach along the path that do get cell phone service and we can point them out to you during your stay if needed in case of emergency. The hostel has Wifi service.
  •   The town of Drake Bay is a $20/roundtrip boat ride that can only be made at 7am and returning at 12:30pm. It is also a 5-7 hr roundtrip hike journey along the truly exquisite coast line trail ~ it is a great day adventure. In the town of Drake Bay, you can find cell phone service and restaurants with internet.

Bring Cash!

We are in the process of accepting credit cards. When you make your reservation, check and see if we are ready to accept at the hostel. It is important that you bring everything you will need during your stay with us as well as traveling around the Drake Bay Area. It will be much easier to travel with cash in this remote area than using a card. Some restaurants, grocery stores and guide services take them, but not all, and if they do there is often a fee. The town of Drake Bay does NOT have a bank or an ATM machine. If you are traveling the route through Palmar Norte - this will be your last stop for banks and ATM’s.

Ready to Book?

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