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Ahhhh... the rainforest of Costa Rica… Its weather seasons are very unique. In some places rain may deter one from travel… but here it is a unique and exciting experience. There is something special, exciting, calming and profound about being in the warm tropical jungle, and the water, as it gives life to this rich environment. Rainy season is also the time of the Sea Turtle Conservation Project!

Just come prepared and you will have so much fun!

Seasonal Weather

End of April/May
-  Beginning of Rainy Season -  Showers most of the day -  Beginning of Sea Turtle Conservation Season

June, July, August
-  Costa Ricans call it “Mini Summer” -  Sunny and warm/hot most of day -  Afternoon rain showers/rain storms

-  Beginning to get more rain!

October, November
-  Rains more frequently during day -  Some weeks of nonstop rainstorms

December, January, February, March, April​​
-  Costa Rican Summer! -  Hot Sun -  Tropical Paradise -  December is the end of Sea Turtle Conservation Season

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