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Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Caring for this endangered species in Drake Bay, Costa Rica for 18 years

"Hello my name is Ricardo, owner of the Life for Life Sea Turtle project in Punta Rio Claro de Drake. I came to this place 44 years ago to surf with a friend in a time when there was absolutely nothing but nature and a few farmers. A job to take care of a farm called Marenco later became a Biological Station where I learned with some biologists to be a naturalist ... 20 years ago I felt motivated by the conservation of sea turtles since I found an exaggerated depredation towards this species from part of the neighbors in the area realizing that they sold the eggs to bars for money for the idea that they are an aphrodisiac.

From there I began to study how to rescue this species that is in danger of extinction.

... Over the years we wanted to undertake a more professional project for the amount of eggs we managed to rescue, at the moment we have 3 species Lora, Verde and Carey .. For which we make a great human effort to get up at 2:00 a.m. to go and rescue them before people steal them."

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To support our conservation project, we invite volunteers from all around the world to collaborate with us!

Start your Volunteering Now!
01 Week
$30 per night
  • Includes 03 meals per day
  • 07 days (minimum)
  • Price per person
02 Weeks
$25 per night
  • Includes 03 meals per day
  • 14 days (minimum)
  • Price per person
01 Month or more
Donation required
  • Includes 03 meals per day
  • 30 days (minimum) or more
  • Volunteer makes a donation based on the time in Hostel
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Currently we are a dedicated and passionate Costa Rican and global community of family and friends. Every Donation helps immensely and is received in joyous gratitude! Financial donations as well as physical resources are gratefully welcome. Contact us to find out how to give a financial donation as well as to inquire into other things we need you may feel called to give.

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Rio Claro Aventuras Eco-Tours

To support the expenses of this project as well as support others in remembering and connecting with the purity of life. We offer guided river and waterfall tours up the Rio Claro, at the Punto Rio Claro Wildlife Refuge, where the conservation site is located. Tours are offered at a discounted price for volunteers and guests of Life for Life.

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Volunteering FAQ's
The project headquarters is at the Rio Claro Wildlife Refuge in Drake Bay, Costa Rica.

You will be staying either at the Rio Claro jungle house, in a tent on the secluded beach of Punta Rio Claro, in a dorm room at the Life For Life Hostel (a gorgeous 30 minute walk from the conservation site), or in all three at different times. The project needs change day to day as well as where you will be sleeping.
The minimum length of stay for a volunteer or group of volunteers is 7 days, $25/night including 3 meals per day.

For 2 weeks $20/night includes 3 meals a day.

One month or more as a volunteer no per day rate, all meals are included. Volunteer makes a donation for their time at the hostel
Volunteers work 6 hours a day, 6 days a day. Those hours change by what the needs are at what time. A night patrol shift to collect eggs may be 2 hours at night, followed by 2 hours mid morning, and 2 hours early evening the next day, followed by a day with only 2 hours in the afternoon. Every day is different and what you will be doing changes and depends on what is fun, exciting, and interesting to you and what you are drawn toward as well as what is needed to support our mission of Turtle Conservation. Throughout your stay there will be time to enjoy, play, rest, relax, go on tours, and experience all of what the area and the hostel have to offer. If inspired you of course can always work and participate as much as desired beyond that! Some of the things you may be doing include:

  •   Night patrols to collect eggs
  •   Relocation turtle nests
  •   Construction and cleaning the turtle nursery
  •   Recording Data
  •   Turtle Release
  •   Maintaning and cleaning facilities, engaging in beach cleanup
  •   Maintenance and Amdin for anything to do with the Project, the Tours or the Hostel
  •   Engaging with other guests and visitors such as welcoming and education
  •   Working with children in the local schools
  •   And who knows what else? There may be something you're drawn to offer that we won't know about until you get here!
To have an educational and expanding experience in the understanding of the unity of all life through ecological conservation. To feel loved, supported and appreciated by passionate Costa Rican people in one of the most beautiful and biologically diverse areas of the world. To make friends for life. To have time in community with others, and time alone. Your time here can bring you deeper remembering of how life supports life.
  •   A Very Good Flashlight and/or Headlamp - ESSENTIAL --- one with red lights also as that helps at night to see
  •   Water bottle
  •   Comfortable hiking shoes/sandals that can get wet
  •   Mosquito repellent
  •   Rain jacket or poncho during rainy season
  •   High Rain boots during rainy season
Contact us here and someone from our team will be in email communication with you about setting it up! Once your length of stay is decided you will receive a Paypal link and the necessary information for arrival. You may also refer to our How to get here Page for all of that information as well. We ask all volunteers to pay their volunteer rate upfront before arrival.

Sea Turtle Conservation Project

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