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We accept cash and credit cards at the hostel and it is important that you bring everything you will need during your stay with us. We accept colones and dollars. It will be easier at times to travel with cash in this remote area than a card. Some restaurants, grocery stores and guide services take them, but not all and if they do there is often a fee. Also, at times power goes out and while it is restored, during that time electronic equipment does not work. There is no bank or ATM in the town of Drake Bay. The nearest town you will find one in is Palmar Norte.

  •   Headlamp and/or Flashlight and extra batteries. Very Important for walking around at night as there can be snakes on the paths at night
  •   Sunscreen. If you are going to go on a Rio Claro River Tour, please bring environmentally friendly sunscreens as the environment is very sensitive and pure in this Wildlife Reserve
  •   Sunhat
  •   Mosquito Repellent
  •   Water Bottle. You always have access to safe filtered drinking water with us, but there are also many great water bottles available out there with built-in filtration systems for use along the hiking trails, etc.
  •   Mini/Travel First Aid Kit
  •   Hiking Sandals/Shoes. To walk anywhere from where we are, you will be walking along a path through the jungle along the beach coastline. There are tree roots and rocks, mud puddles, creeks and some parts that go along the sandy and wavy beaches - so fun! There is also a part where you may have to cross through a couple inches or even a foot of the river on the Rio Claro beach… all of this to give you information for what footwear to bring if you are planning on hiking along this trail at all while here!
  •   Flip Flops for walking around the hostel and beach
  •   Boots/Waterproof shoes. During heavy, rainy season May - November
  •   Rain jacket/Rain pancho and/or Umbrella. During light and heavy rainy season, May - November
  •   Waterproof carrying case for your cell phone, electronics and other valuables; as well as books or any kind of paper that can easily mould in this damp and humid environment if here for extended periods of time. Waterproof carrying cases you can wear around your neck are a great way to have your cell phone protected and handy for a quick picture!
  •   Recommended: External battery for electronics
  •   Recommended: Binoculars
  •   Recommended: Journal and/or Art Supplies
  •   Recommended: Some people with sensitive stomachs bring Loperamide or Charcoal Tablets when visiting the area to support themselves with micro-bacterial changes

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