Life For Life Hostel
Drake Bay, Costa Rica!
Turtle Conservation Project
Nature Retreat Hostel, Sea Turtle Conservation Project

Living in Sanctity and Unity with All Life

Welcome to Life For Life Hostel
Drake Bay, Costa Rica!

Located on a remote beach in Drake Bay, on the Osa Peninsula of Costa Rica, Life For Life Hostel began as a lodging location for volunteers of the Life For Life Sea Turtle Conservation Project, an 18-year-old labor of love preserving the life of this endangered species. We are still very involved in the preservation of sea turtles, and we welcome volunteers for any period of time. We have now expanded into a precious nature retreat hostel for both travelers and volunteers alike.


Not your usual idea of a hostel, and sitting directly on the edge of active untouched jungle and a pristine and secluded beach, this hidden sanctuary will disconnect anyone from a fast-paced and over-crowded life, and get rest in the renewal that comes from connection with the abundance, simplicity and purity of nature, and oneself.









Amazing Biodiversity

Costa Rica is home to 5% of all the world's species of animals, and the Osa peninsula, just 35 miles long and 20 miles wide, is itself home to half of all the species in Costa Rica.


Are 13 major ecosystems, and the Osa Peninsula is home to over 700 species of trees, 117 species of reptiles and amphibians, 365 species of birds and over 120 species of mammals. The Osa Peninsula holds possibly the highest natural diversity on the planet, inspiring National Geographic magazine to describe it as "the most biologically intense place on earth." Scarlet macaws fly freely about the town and the enormous humpbacked whales swim close to its shores. It is an extraordinarily special and one of kind place.



Whether volunteering or not, travelers from all over the world come to experience the ease, fun, and peace.. the LIFE and LOVE of nature available in this remote paradise. 

Our Story...

" Excellent Hostel...

A divine experience.

The tour to Rio Claro was great. Good food, cozy rooms and very nice beaches. 

Don Ricardo the owner is an excellent person. 
You see many animals.

~ Meca

Traveled as a couple

"Gateway to



Little paradise! Sunset unforgettable. Beach unforgettable. Hosts unforgettable.  It’s certainly the best place for people who want to reconnect with nature. Beachfront, fell asleep with the sounds of the waves and wake up with the sounds of the animals... Very simple Hostel, with very simple people, for a very simple life. LIFE FOR LIFE <3

~ Brune

Traveling solo

"One Of The Best Experiences I've Ever Had. 

My girlfriend and I stayed for two weeks with Ricardo and Mar as volunteers. We were lucky to have participated in the finding and sheltering of two turtle nests! Mar makes very delicious and healthy food. Ricardo took us on a River Tour full of water and land adventures and fun. We also stayed with Ricardo's friend in the Corcovado jungle.  A wonderful experience on such a beautiful and serene part of Costa Rica, I'd recommend it to anyone!


~ Jun Yi Chu

Traveled as a couple