Activities & Tours


Besides sunbathing on the remote and secluded beach cove, spending time in stillness and quiet in the hammocks, and enjoying the rejuvenating sweetness of doing nothing, there are many fun ways to play and explore the beauty of the jungle-beach world that is this natural sanctuary.




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Early Morning Hike

The best time to see birds and animals is in the early morning. We will be waking up at 5:30am and have breakfast and coffee before we head out.


From the hostel gate - one direction takes you to the entrance of the San Pedrillo National Forest (2hrs), and the other direction takes you along the jungle-beach path, through the Rio Claro Nature Wildlife Preserve, all the way to the town of Drake Bay, with restaurants, a 4-6 hr round trip trek - it is well worth it! Exquisitely beautiful with countless pristine and hidden beaches to stop at, many with lava rock outcroppings and surprising tide pools within them. 

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Sea Turtle Releases

Even if you are not participating as a volunteer in the volunteer program at the Sea Turtle Conservation Project, you can still participate in the turtle releases that happen about once a week during the conservation season, May-December.


If you have never done it before, or if you have, you know it is an uplifting experience to hold a newly hatched baby sea turtle and cheer it on as it makes its journey across the sand to the sea... 


More about Sea Turtle Project Volunteering

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Snorkeling in San Josecito

snorkeling equipment(for rental $5 Per day) - masks and fins!

San Josecito Beach is a 15 minute walk from the hostel. Voted one of the top 10 beaches in Costa Rica, and along with snorkeling, it is perfect for swimming, sun bathing, and has a shaded picnic area.


There is a small island you can swim to that is surrounded by bright coral reefs and tropical fish. We recommend you wait for low tide!

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Boogie Boarding

Remember boogie boarding as a kid?!

Never done it?!


It's one of the best ways to experience the joy and play of the waves without having to learn to surf! The waves up and down Playa Rincon - the beach we are located on - are perfect for it, and use of our boogie boards is included in your stay! 

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The sunsets are radiant with pulsating colors and the song of life..... ever- changing, no one is the same.  They provide an array and vibrancy that is unique to this beautiful, pure remote area.  The breathtakingly beautiful landscape they contribute to will remain with you forever as you travel on.  


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Everything you need to make a bonfire on the beach is here. 


Enjoy a great way to be with the elements (and keep the bugs away!) during nighttime stargazing ~ which, along with the evening sunsets is a spectacular experience. In the dry season, the nighttime sky is thick and crisp and full of shooting stars. 

Down at the Rio Claro Wildlife Preserve, the site of our Rio Claro Aventuras Eco-Tours, as well as the Sea Turtle Conservation can rent a surfboard from us and enjoy the swells in the alcove of this precious beach.


For 15 years, Life For Life's owner, Ricardo, joyfully surfed here every morning. 



Ricardo ... Punta Rio Claro.....Beautiful 

Video - the waves at the beach!


We arrange many different Tours Around Drake Bay and on the Osa Peninsula

  The Jungle House1-Day Tour

$115/per person + VAT

The Jungle House 1-Day Tour starts at 7 o'clock in the morning at Rincon Beach where you will travel via an all-terrain vehicle to meet Alfredo, your guide on this tour.  Alfredo is a  Conservationist who protects many hectors of jungle lands and has a vast experience of 35 years, which includes knowledge of all the diversity that the Osa Peninsula offers.   Once you arrive at the giant house in the center of the forest, he will give you a tour of 150 different species of trees including many delicious, indigenous fruit trees, plants, medicine plants and trees, and exotic flora. 

You will have a rare unique opportunity to observe birds, butterflies, and animals of a great many jungle varieties,  including a bird show.  As part of your tour you will visit pure, enlivened waters at the  union of two rivers where you will find refreshing waterfalls and a large natural Jacuzzi.   Upon returning to the jungle house in the afternoon, you will have time to rest in a hammock, in a tent or private room with the sounds of the jungle around you. As dusk arrives the group of you will create a beautiful meal of natural foods and spices.

After dinner you will have a night tour of frogs, insects, snakes, nocturnal birds and other animals, and in the morning,  prepare breakfast with fruits from the garden.  After breakfast there will be a short time for relaxing and listening to music or reading literature from a small library.  Around noon you will be guided back on the trail through the national park where you will be left at the park station. You will be met by the all-terrain vehicle and taken back to Rincon Beach and Life for Life Hostel for lunch.  This incredible adventure will give you memories for a lifetime.

$115 is the cost of these unforgettable one day. Everything above is included.  Do feel free to make a donation to your host at the Jungle House as it helps to maintain this for others.

Horseback Riding

A different way to experience the jungle and the beach through the peace and upliftment that comes from connection with horses. 

  • 2.5 - 3 hours

  • Schedule anytime you like before 2pm

  • $50/per person + 13% VAT 

Snorkeling Cano Island

Designated the 2nd best snorkeling and scuba diving in Costa Rica, Cano Island is a protected underwater reserve and an adventure not to miss. Crystal clear waters and so much sea life it has been described as "swimming in an aquarium." Schools of brilliantly colored fish, corals, sea turtles, sharks, dolphins and more.​

  • 7am - 1pm

  • $85/per person + 13% VAT includes transport from Drake, gear, guide, entrance fees and snacks

Scuba Diving Cano Island

An even deeper way to experience the amazing underwater reserve of Cano Island. Total immersion!

  • 7am - 2pm

  • 2 Dives: $140/per person + 13% VAT includes transport, gear, guide, entrance fees, snacks and lunch

  • 3 Dives: $195/pp + 13% VAT

For either Cano Island Tour

+$20/pp + 13% VAT for boat taxi to and from Hostel to Drake

Cocovado National Park -Sirena Station Day Tour

Take a day tour through the famous Cocovado National Park. You will take a boat from Drake Bay to the entrance point to the park and hike to La Sirena Station, the center point of the park. The diversity of plants, trees, animals and birds in this original forest is immense.

  • 6am - 1pm

  • $95/per person + 13% VAT