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Rio Claro Aventura Eco-Tours

Guided River and Waterfall Tours

Rio Claro (Clear River) Nature Reserve is our second property and the site of The Sea Turtle Conservation Project. In order to fund the project, Ricardo began to lead guided conoe and kayak tours up this special and gentle river. On this river you can visit waterfalls, meditate in the sweet and peaceful silence, jump off a cliff into the cool, crisp water, and float back down with the current in a life jacket if so desired.​

The Rio Claro beach itself is special to spend time at and experience. 

- Where the river meets the ocean... river always changing it's path to meet the sea

- Swimming holes

- We offer ferry rides across the river when it is too deep to pass on foot

- Great place to Surf - Ricardo surfed there for 20 years - - Can rent surf boards

- Can see the Whales and Dolphins during the migration season  - - button to tours page/we offer Whale Watching Tours...

- We offer tea, coffee, and food at the cafe


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Big Picture of the Store and House ~ explain we sell hand made artesania also to fund the project

Explain the 2 tours and pictures

Video Ricardo took and loves of the Waves of the Rio Claro Meditation 

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